Dior Brand Ambassadors

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Dior is a luxury fashion brand that has a long history of using high-profile brand ambassadors to promote its products. Some of the most notable Dior brand ambassadors include:

  1. Isabelle Adjani – French actress and singer
  2. Carla Bruni – Italian-French model, singer, and actress
  3. Charlize Theron – South African-American actress and producer
  4. Sharon Stone – American actress, producer, and former fashion model
  5. Monica Bellucci – Italian actress and fashion model
  6. Eva Green – French actress and model
  7. Jude Law – English actor
  8. Natalie Portman – Israeli-American actress and director
  9. Melanie Laurent – French actress and director
  10. Mila Kunis – American actress and producer
  11. Jennifer Lawrence – American actress
  12. Robert Pattinson – English actor
  13. Rihanna – Barbadian singer, actress, and businesswoman
  14. Johnny Depp – American actor, producer, and musician
  15. Angelababy – Chinese actress, model, and singer
  16. Cara Delevingne – English model and actress
  17. Kim Jisoo – South Korean singer and actress, member of Blackpink
  18. Yara Shahidi – American actress and model

These brand ambassadors have helped to promote Dior’s products and increase brand awareness through their high-profile status and popularity. Dior’s use of celebrity ambassadors reflects the brand’s commitment to luxury and exclusivity, while also appealing to a wide audience through the star power of its ambassadors. Dior’s brand ambassadors have been featured in various promotional campaigns, including print and digital advertisements, as well as runway shows and public events. The brand’s partnerships with these celebrities have been successful in building Dior’s reputation as a leading luxury brand and have helped to attract new customers to the brand.

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